ELTE Savaria Institute of Technology

ELTE Savaria Institute of Technology


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Savaria Institute of Technology, Faculty of Informatics, Eötvös Loránd University, was founded with the mission to establish the higher education as well as the research and development activities and projects involving industrial partners from the region of west Hungary. The research activities cover a broad area in engineering, and the industrial partnership has also been extended since the foundation. The strength of the institute and the quality of teaching and research activity are based on the knowledge of our people, the experience gained in European and North-American universities, and the infrastructure that is developed continually.

The research activities, projects cover a broad area including mechanical and optical material tests, innovative production technologies, modern measurement techniques, vibration measurement and analysis, and computer simulations. The institute participates in teaching in different programs: mechanical engineering BSc and MSc in Hungarian and in English, engineering manager, teacher of technical skills and computer science.



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