Press Air Kft.

Press Air Kft.

Founded in:



  • Design, construction, operation
  • Expert support throughout the lifecycle
  • Distribution of top-quality products
  • Compressed air consumption measurement
  • Compressed air leak test
  • Compressed air audit according to the ISO11011 standard
  • Remote monitoring
  • Industry 4.0
  • Life cycle analysis
  • National service with 7/24 access
  • Project management and execution

Press Air Ltd. from a family business with a few employees has reached its current professional form with a dynamic growth rate.

As one of the most experienced compressed air suppliers, we market high quality products, design, install and maintain compressed air systems that provide a reliable and energy efficient supply to more than 900 users nationwide. Our customers already know that the “customization”, economical operation and development of a compressed air system that fully meets the identified requirements can only be achieved within the framework of close partnership. This ongoing collaboration ensures that we respond to new challenges arising from changing technological procedures, customer requirements, or regulatory requirements with fast and flexible solutions.



We mainly deliver within the European Union, but we can also deliver to any other destination on request.