PROFIKOMP Környezettechnika Zrt.

PROFIKOMP Környezettechnika Zrt.

Since 2000, the ProfiKomp® Group has been supplying sealed, semi-permeable membrane blanket aeration, control and measurement technology for bio-waste management. The worldwide market-leading GORE® Cover membrane blanket for composting and other biological waste management, as well as continuous development using our know-how, is a guarantee that our partners will receive quality technology to solve their waste management problems.


ProfiKomp® specialists have now operated 85 bio-waste management facilities in 17 countries worldwide: Hungary, Europe and several Asian countries. These sites produce valuable compost from a wide variety of raw materials and biodegradable wastes.

The company also places great emphasis on research and development and innovation projects. We participate in numerous national and EU tenders, examining the latest scientific results and practical background of bio-waste recovery in cooperation with various companies, universities and research institutes.

During the use of degradable plastic products and after they become waste, it is an important task to treat and recycle these wastes. ProfiKomp® provides consultancy and tailor-made waste management technologies on the subject of recycling of degradable plastics, drawing on its extensive waste management expertise.

Our goal is to serve the packaging industry as a consulting and technology service provider in the field of bio-waste management.



We mainly deliver within the European Union, but we can also deliver to any other destination on request.