Omnipack joined this Erasmus+ Programme in 2018. The Project “European partnership in vocational education” prepared a partnership of 9 organizations from 8 European countries ( CZ, ESP, NOR, HU, GER, HR, RO). The partnership is made up of secondary vocational schools as well as employers' associations for which schools prepare future employees. It was created to link the public and private sector to support the development of the region. The aim of the project is to approximate the education to the concept of dual education, where pupils are prepared directly for employers.

We were pleased that our cluster could be a consortium member in this Erasmus project in which we alone represented the industrial side, while our partners in Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Croatia and Romania were vocational schools. The project was completed in August 2021, this time we publish the final results of the project.–>